2.4.Update Transaction (MultiSafepay)

For Qwindo it is important to show accurate and up-to-date information to the consumer, this also means showing if the order has actually been shipped. In order to do this, the transaction at MultiSafepay needs to be updated and reflected the shipped status. MultiSafepay has an API call that allows you to update the “order status” of the transaction.

Using the MultiSafepay API you should do:
JSON Structure

PATCH - /orders/{order_id}
    "tracktrace_code": null, 
    "carrier": null,
    "ship_date": null,
    "reason": null

MultiSafepay description of the fields:

reason Add a short free text memo to the order when setting the shipping status. no
ship_date The date that the order was shipped. yes
carrier The name of the shipping company delivering the customer’s order yes
order_id The unique identifier of the order which should be updated. yes
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